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Create reports quickly and increase your knowledge of your data with this incredible tool

Sometimes we need to create reports about our sales, customers or finances and we spend a lot of time, coding, plotting the data in a graph, and at the end of the day, we just created a little monster (system) that we will need to do maintenance and fix the bugs for a long time.

If you’ve already been through this, you need to know the Metabase, a free tool that we can plug in it in our database and create easily and quickly reports and show the data in a graph, or in a table and other ways.

It’s not necessary to know no one programming language. The Metabase is easy to install and supports the databases:

  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • Google Analytics
  • Google BigQuery


You can build some queries, save them as a graph, put all graphs together in a dashboard, share with your team and in a few clicks you have a real-time dashboard.

'Dashboard with graphs and auto refresh' Dashboard with graphs and auto refresh


You can create a simple query like:

SELECT email FROM customer WHERE ssn = {{ ssn_number }};

Save as a question, and your team can use this question to pick up the customers' email just by passing the SSN number as a parameter.

'variables in a questions' variables in a questions

The questions it's helpful because you can add up variables in your query and use them as parameters.

Query builder and Native Query

With this query editors, you don’t need to give write privilege in the production database, your team can execute queries in a database with reading privilege, and you can sleep soundly. ;)

'Example of a Query builder' Example of a Query builder

Ideally, you would have a replica of your database.


Another feature that I use a lot, it's Pulse, you create a simple query and add up a condition, if the condition becomes true, you can set up to deliver a notification via email or slack.


When I discovered the Metabase, it blew up my mind, this tool it's very powerful and easy to manage, no require a previous knowledge and for sure, this tool will save much of your time.